Pre-orders for Christmas?

I know, it's still nice and warm, it's early October, but yet... it's time to think about warm blankets, buttery shortbread and Christmas!

Here are the pre-orders for Christmas Advent! First of all, you can already reserve your Advent calendar! Even though the timing seems rather early in the year, I already have to order what I need to make them, prepare them and send them in mid-November. I absolutely want you to receive it before December 1st, and for that you have to get there early! And above all, I want there to be enough for everyone, and so I need the right number right now.

You will be able to find a 13-day calendar, and one of 24 days. Discover below the creations that you can find inside.

If you want to see the content specifically you have a link below to see more, if you don't want more spoilers you can go directly to the product page!

  • Lots of games and puzzles

  • Activities and recipes

  • Coloring pages

I want it !

After the success of this summer's vacation notebook, I decided to go for a winter version!

This time the notebook was designed as: one day, an enigma! With the help of daily games there is one word per day to find, and this word makes you open a box in the advent calendar! The two were therefore designed to work together, but of course if you only want to have one of the two, you can enjoy it just as much!

I want it !

If you want to have the whole set, take an advent book and its calendar that match together

What is this ?

A notebook between organization, introspection and keeper of memories.

I have created a sort of notebook to keep throughout 2024, with the aim of following you over a year, both to organize yourself during the year, to think about certain subjects by refocusing on yourself, and to keep souvenirs.

If you don't have much time to keep a diary or a bullet journal, but you would like to have a place to sometimes write things down, to be able to organize yourself, and above all to keep your mindset, this is the perfect compromise for you!

This year, to avoid the same worries as last year about textile stocks to make your Christmas gifts, I'm starting orders now! The textile has been printed for a very long time, if you want to be sure to have some for Christmas, consider pre-ordering now!

  • Sweatshirt - Kotatsu

  • Sweatshirt - Ducks in the rain

  • Sweatshirt - Warm blanket

  • Beanie - Shiba and his chocolate

  • T-shirt - Kotatsu

  • T-shirt - Ducks in the rain


It's time to shop!

I hope you like this shop update!