It's the start of summer! And it's time to see the new products prepared especially for these two months of heat.

What is this ?

Do you remember the vacation notebooks from when we were little? These exercises that we had to do during the summer... I don't know about you, but I don't have such a bad memory of them, and that's why I created this first vacation notebook for adults (the teenagers can also appreciate it), but not for the purpose of revising; to relax, play, carry out different activities and reflect on yourself.

Created in "one day one activity" mode, for 1 and a half months this summer, you will have something to keep you busy every day with creative activities, game pages, introspection pages, recipes, quizzes, coloring, challenges...

Focused around summer, but also Japanese culture, you will have little anecdotes and themed games.

  • Games pages

  • Varied activities

  • Coloring pages

  • Challenges

  • Pages of introspection

  • And other surprises

I want it !

I want it !

  • Temporary tattoo - Spring

  • Temporary tattoo - Summer Shibas

  • Sticker sheet - Summer Shiba

  • Notebook - Shiba and his juice

  • Mini prints - Lying Shiba

  • Mini prints - Shiba and his juice


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