#5 Sub de mars - Le printemps est là !

#5 March Sub - Spring is here!

Hello everyone,

Here are the rewards in the subscriptions for this month of March, everything will be shipped at the end of the month to receive them at the beginning of April!

This month we celebrate spring a little with the return of Magret in plants and flowers!

For classic subscriptions:

This month, you will be able to find an exclusive sticker sheet! In fact the next shop update which will be released this month will be in the same theme, but the sticker sheet here is exclusive!

There will also be 2 A6 prints with the little ducks! One of the two is exclusive to subscriptions (flower ducks).

I want the stickers

I want the prints

I want both

For the creation of the month, find a pin!

I want the stickers, the prints and the pines

For the journaling kit subscription

Find the elements in spring fox version; 1 calendar card, 1 introspective card, 3 organization cards and stickers of the month.

I want to subscribe

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