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Journaling kit

Journaling kit

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With or without the box? The content remains the same, it is only the sending box that changes, the box of the photos opposite is equivalent to additional shipping costs to receive it as is, without the box, the shipping costs will be reduced!

With or without box

Journaling Kit

Cardboard box size 22x22cm including:

  • 1 notebook 160 pages
  • 1 washi tape
  • 12 calendar cards
  • 12 introspection cards
  • 24 organization cards
  • 2 sheets of A6 stickers
  • 1 mini sheet of stickers

Possibility of adding other washi tapes and sticker sheets from the shop, choose your options, and don't forget to fill in your choices in the observation box on the basket page.

Explanation with or without box:

To give you more explanations on the choice of packaging; 3/4 of the shop's packages are sent by postal letter and therefore at postage rates, the problem with the boxes is that they are too thick to go through the mailbox, so I have to switch to colissimo for the items. ship, and the rates are higher! To overcome this, if you do not particularly want to have the box in the photo opposite but only the contents, I can send it by extra-flat postal box and the shipping costs will be reduced ;)

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